225 Years Ago This Week: The ‘Battle’ of Fishguard 1797

My apologies to those of you who have seen this all before on my blog, but I think it’s worth mentioning that this week marks the 225th anniversary of the surrender on 24th February 1797 of the French Légion Noir (‘Black Legion’) to an outnumbered and rag-tag force of Welsh Yeomanry, Militia, Royal Navy, Volunteers and armed civilians on Goodwick Sands, near the port of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.  Later immortalised as the only Battle Honour to be won by the British Army on British soil, the ‘Battle’ was in fact a relatively bloodless comic-opera.

And of course, it’s where my terrifying namesake became a true Welsh legend.

Needless to say, we HAD to wargame it and in 2013-2014 we put on a series of demo games around the shows and in Fishguard town.

If you’ve only recently arrived on this blog and haven’t yet delved into the murky depths of the blog crypt, here are some links to the lunacy of our Battle of Fishguard wargaming:

The Battle that Never Was: The Battle of Fishguard 1797

French Forces at Fishguard

British Forces at Fishguard (Part 1): Commanders and Characters

British Forces at Fishguard (Part 2): Units

Scenario #1: The Ambush at Carnwnda

Scenario #2: The French Attack

The Further Adventures of the Black Legion

Jemima Fawr & Friends (Trent Miniatures Models)

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4 Responses to 225 Years Ago This Week: The ‘Battle’ of Fishguard 1797

  1. Ian Wilson says:

    Looks great!

  2. Neil Youll says:

    Blimey! I remember the 200th anniversary. Seems like yesterday.

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