About This Blog

‘Jemima Fawr’ (‘Big Jemima’ or more romantically ‘Jemima The Great’) was a 47 year-old female cobbler and pub bouncer (!) living in the Pembrokeshire town of Fishguard.  In 1797 she famously went out with her pitchfork and single-handedly rounded up a dozen French soldiers; part of an 1,800-strong force that had invaded the Welsh coast nearby.

For reasons I can’t quite remember, I started using the name of this local heroine as my ‘handle’ on a wargames forum and it stuck.  I’m actually a fortyfifty-something Welshman living in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, with absolutely no predilection to cross-dressing whatsoever…

I’ve been wargaming since the 1980s and since then have done A LOT of wargaming.  To OC Domestic’s utter despair, I’ve amassed quite a large collection of models, books and assorted rubbish/precious things that will all be going into a skip before the hearse arrives to take me away…

My main historical wargaming interests are the Napoleonic Wars, 18th Century, World War Two, the American Civil War and the Cold War, as well as the ‘alternative history’ silliness of Arthurian Britain and ‘A Very British Civil War’.  I’ve also recently developed a quite severe ‘plastic crack’ addiction in the form of X-Wing: The Miniatures Game.  I’ve also dabbled in Ancients, Samurai, Spanish Civil War, First World War naval and science fiction wargaming.

The purpose of this blog  is firstly for me to post scenarios, game reports, photos of models, etc to my adoring public and secondly, to bring together a stack of articles that I’ve posted on various discussion fora over the years.  So if you know me, there will be stuff you’ve seen before, but hopefully a lot of new stuff as well, so stay tuned!

Credit: The wonderful models of ‘Jemima Fawr’ and her friends were modelled by the profoundly talented Martin Small.

Here’s a small sample of my models and games.  Most of the pictures are clickable and will link you to the relevant blog article: