The Baroness de Loutson Marches on Newark!

The Baroness de Loutson and the Cadet Corps of Slebech Castle College For Young Ladies will this week be marching on Newark, to reinforce the Royalist forces in Pete Barfield’s ‘A Very British Civil War’ game at the ‘Partizan 2018′ show.

I can’t flippin’ wait, as it’s been about four years since my last wargames show and coincidentally about four years since I last painted some VBCW figures, so I thought I’d use the game as motivation to reduce the lead-pile somewhat!

If you missed it, I covered the Slebech Castle Cadet Corps in a previous article here:

Sadly, most of the Corps has lain unloved and unpainted on the lead-pile for the last few years, but that has now been rectified!

All of these figures are produced by Hinterland Miniatures in the USA, sculpted by the ubiquitous hand of Paul Hicks and painted by me.  Sadly, Hinterland’s wonderful, yet deeply esoteric range of ‘Germanic Female Victoriana’ figures is now out of production, but we can only hope that the range might eventually be picked up by another manufacturer.

Above: The Baroness herself in parade uniform and wielding a vicious-looking riding-crop.

Above: The Baroness in close-up.

Above: While the Baroness is Colonel of the Cadet Corps, the day-to-day running and tactical leadership of the Corps is exercised by Lieutenant Colonel, Lady Aisling Keir, here seen with some of her Headquarters Squadron.

Above: Lieutenant Colonel Keir’s HQ group dismounted.  Note that the Corps’ uniforms are recycled Imperial German Hussar uniforms, sourced from Baron de Loutson’s East Prussian cousin, the Freiherr von Lützen, former Commanding Officer of the German Husaren-Regiment ‘Von Lützen’.

Above: Lance-armed Cadets of the Mounted Hussar Squadron.

Above: Rifle-armed cadets of the Mounted Hussar Squadron.

Above: The Officer Commanding the Mounted Hussar Squadron, Captain, Lady Irene Gwynne-James-Davies.

Above: Cadets of the Foot Hussar Squadron and Support Squadron engage in street-fighting training.

Above: The massed mounted elements of the Corps on parade, including the Mounted Hussar Squadron, Light Armoured Squadron and elements of the Tactical Headquarters Squadron.

Above: The massed foot elements of the Corps, including the Foot Hussar Squadron, Support Squadron and elements of the Tactical Headquarters Squadron.

Above: The whole Corps on parade.

I almost forgot the Music Section…

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