I’m Finally Available To Buy! :) (28mm Jemima Fawr by Trent Miniatures)

At long last, my adoring public can buy a miniature facsimile of their favourite Welsh pub-bouncer, wargame-blogger, scourge of the French and all-round Welsh bruiser, Jemima Fawr! 🙂

At the Partizan show last May, I bumped into my old mate Duncan MacFarlane, the former editor of Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated.  He now runs Trent Miniatures, which produces a lovely 28mm French Revolutionary Wars and Irish Rebellions range.  Sadly this range was only in embryonic form when we were looking for figures for our Fishguard 1797 project, or we’d have bought a heap of them!  He’d been wanting to speak to me, as he’d just commissioned some Angry Welsh Women and their associated Gentleman Friends to complement his excellent and growing range of figures.

So here she is: ‘Big Jemima’ herself:

This lovely model can be bought from the North Star Figures website.

And here’s the first pack of Welsh peasants:

They certainly do look like cracking figures – I just wish they’d been available 10 years ago! 🙁

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about with regard to the Battle of Fishguard 1797, here are my earlier articles covering the French invasion of 1797, the ‘Battle’ and the armies and characters involved:

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4 Responses to I’m Finally Available To Buy! :) (28mm Jemima Fawr by Trent Miniatures)

  1. David Weale says:

    I thought it was the figure with the po. Did you sculpt that one yourself?

    • jemima_fawr says:

      Jemima could be any one of those Welsh ‘ladies’, to be honest! But the Trent Miniatures one is the first commercially-available figure.

      I can’t claim credit for any of the sculpting – the lady with the po (and all the other Welsh ladies) were converted from other figures (mostly Perry and Redoubt) by the talented Martin Small. The lady with the po is taken from the Perry Miniatures ‘ACW Rioters’ set.


      • David Weale says:

        Meet Martin again a few weeks ago at Haverfordwest, your scenario writing and his sculpting I’m rubbing shoulders with wargaming royalty.

        • jemima_fawr says:

          Give him my regards, as I haven’t seem him in ages! I’ll have to give him a shout (as Mrs Fawr would say, “Men…”)… 😉

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