A Very British Civil War 1938: Baron Kylsant, Marcher-Lord of Narberth

BUF Storm-Commander Owen Erasmus Picton, 2nd Baron Kylsant & Marcher-Lord of Narberth was the son of Owen Cosby Picton, 1st Baron Kylsant.  The 1st Baron, once a celebrated politician and shipping tycoon, had famously been disgraced and jailed in 1933 following an embezzlement scandal.

With his father in Wormwood Scrubs, the embittered Owen Erasmus Picton had drifted towards radical politics and particularly toward Mosely’s brand of fascism.  Becoming 2nd Baron Kylsant with the death of his father in 1937, he was now the most senior aristocrat within the BUF leadership and was just the man for the job when a Pembrokeshire BUF Cohort was proposed.  Proving himself an able and ruthless commander as leader of the ‘Sir Thomas Picton’ Cohort in operations against Welsh Nationalists, he was soon appointed as commander of the Landsker Frontier Force, with overall responsibility for combating Welsh Nationalist incursions across into Loyalist territory.

Here we see him with his personal standard, featuring the grey lion rampant of the Picton family crest:

Baron Kylsant is a 28mm Empress Miniatures figure, while the standard-bearer is a BUF standard-bearer Musketeer Miniaures (both sculpted by the super-talented Paul Hicks)

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