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“I’m Leaving on a Jet-Plane…”

Well, it’s time once again to leave soggy Wales and head off to warmer climes for a while.  Here are some of Nelson’s holiday snaps from his visit to the same resort in 1797.  He came away from his visit … Continue reading

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Black Cat v White Tiger: The 1st Battle of Bishenpur (Imphal 1944)

This game was our ‘Battlefront Big Bovvy Bash’ game at The Tank Museum, Bovington in 2011.  Most of our Bovvy games have been set firmly in the NW European Campaign, but we have gone ‘off-piste’ a couple of times – … Continue reading

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A Very British Civil War in Pembrokeshire 1938: Armour of the Fish Guards

Hello. This is Huw Puw, reporting once again for The Fish Guardian. This week I’m reporting from the bustling metropolis of Fishguard; not so much ‘Land of My Fathers’, but more ‘Land of My Aunties’… Regular readers will remember that … Continue reading

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“A Game of Two Halves”: The Battle of Cedar Mountain, 9th August 1862 (Fire & Fury 2nd Edition)

Last weekend we had another all-day gaming session at the Carmarthen Old Guard and Alan, Andy and I once again decided to do an American Civil War historical refight in 10mm with the superb Fire & Fury 2nd Edition rules.  … Continue reading

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Stalled Projects #1… The War of Spanish Succession in 28mm

Like most wargamers, every so often I get a rush of blood to the wallet and buy a new army (ARMIES in the most catastrophic cases) and start an entirely new project.  In fact, every wargames project starts in this … Continue reading

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“And Sheep May Safely Graze”: The Action at Penclippin Farm – A Very British Civil War in Pembrokeshire 1938

Hello. This is Huw Puw reporting once again from the front line for The Fish Guardian. This week I find myself back in West Carmarthenshire. Having survived the ‘glorious victory’ of Titley Junction, the cross-dressing remnants of the ‘Twm Carnabwth’ … Continue reading

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