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“The British Are Coming!”: My AWI British Army (Part 1: The Elite Corps)

Last summer, following a conversation with my old mate Antony Oakley about our past games, I decided to dig out my old 28mm American War of Independence (AWI) armies and do some games with our old favourite, British Grenadier! rules.  … Continue reading

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The Battle of Kolin, 18th June 1757: The Refight

Last November I posted my scenario for the Battle of Kolin, which was Frederick the Great’s first battlefield defeat.  I covered the historical background, actual events and orders of battle there, so just follow the link if you want to … Continue reading

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The Combat of Pretzsch, 29th October 1759: A Scenario for ‘Tricorn’

Here’s another Seven Years War scenario for Tricorn, our Seven Years War variant of Shako rules.  This is actually two scenarios in one:  You can either play the full scenario, requiring a 6×8-foot table, or a smaller vignette scenario, requiring … Continue reading

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