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Some New Buildings (Total Battle Miniatures)

As regular readers of this blog might have noticed, my stash of 15mm Central European buildings is starting to look rather shabby.  Aside from a few very nice farms bought in 2015 from Tiger Terrain for the Waterloo Bicentennial refight … Continue reading

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Shiloh: The Hornet’s Nest, 6th April 1862

I’m very pleased to report that Mrs Fawr, after years of resistance, has now finally accepted that I am a man with needs that need to be satisfied and has once again relented to me playing with myself in the … Continue reading

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“Mother Russia, Rain Down, Down, Down!”: My Napoleonic Russians (Part 2)

Mrs Fawr has finally resigned herself to the fact that me openly playing with myself in the dining room is ‘The New Normal’, so I was able to get another solo game in last week! 🙂 Our table measures only … Continue reading

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