‘Tricorn’ QRS Amendments #2

Thanks to Maurizio’s efforts, we’ve found an error in the Tricorn skirmishing rules: Skirmishers hit on a 5 or 6, not on a 6 as it previously stated.  QRS Page 1 has therefore been amended to v1.2.

There is also a change to QRS Page 2: French infantry may now move at Column speed (8 inches) when formed in Ordre Profond, but may only wheel at half speed.  The ‘French Stuff’ section on Page 4 has also been amended accordingly.  Pages 2 & 4 have therefore been amended to v1.1.

Lastly, there is a change to QRS Page 3: Cavalry units providing rear support may not be Blown.  Page 3 has therefore been amended to v1.1.

The amended QRSs can be found on the main Tricorn Rules Resources Page (linked).

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5 Responses to ‘Tricorn’ QRS Amendments #2

  1. Maurizio says:

    We are gearing up to play a scenario next Saturday at the club.
    I have noticed that there is a provision for Army Generals to roll between 1 and 3 dice.
    What are they used for?

    • jemima_fawr says:

      Great stuff! They can be used to replace the divisional commanders’ initiative dice, though they can’t be modified by the divisional commander’s quality.

      So if a good (+1) divisional commander rolls badly (say a 1, modified to 2) and the army commander rolls a 2 and a 6, you could give him the 6. The 6 would also allow the divisional commander to remove a Stagger or casualty.

      What you can’t do is then modify the 6 to a 7.

      You also can’t roll a 6 with the divisional commander, remove a casualty and then give them another 6 from the army commander and remove a second casualty!

      Is that clear?


    • jemima_fawr says:

      One of these days I’ll get around to explaining the rules properly… 😉

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