‘Tricorn’ QRS Page 1 Amended to Version 1.1

I knew it wouldn’t take long for people to find the flaws in Tricorn, so my sincere thanks to reader Maurizio for pointing out that we copied over an error in the artillery section of the QRS from Shako 1st Edition: 

The QRS stated that units would be staggered if the die roll EXCEEDS the MR of the target. 

When you read the relevant section of the Shako 1st Edition rulebook, it actually states that staggers are caused when the artillery roll EQUALS OR exceeds the MR.  So there was clearly a transcription error on the QRS and that’s certainly how we’ve always played it.  The QRS was actually corrected for Shako 2nd Edition.

Therefore, here’s the corrected version of Page 1 of the QRS (v1.1).  The change is highlighted in red.  I’ve already changed the QRS on the main Tricorn Rules Resources Page:

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5 Responses to ‘Tricorn’ QRS Page 1 Amended to Version 1.1

  1. Maurizio says:

    Hi! While looking at the QRS I have noticed the while skirmishers inflict 1 kill with a roll of 6 against normal targets they also inflict the same loss against gunners and other skirmishers with a 5-6 roll.
    I was wondering why these last two were easier to hit.

    • jemima_fawr says:

      Thanks Maurizio! That’s definitely a mistake and I suspect it’s a conflict between 1st & 2nd Editions. I’ll check and amend.

      Thanks again! 🙂


    • jemima_fawr says:

      Hi Maurizio,

      Sorry for the delay, but I’ve had a look at the QRS and it seems ok to me unless I’ve missed something.

      Skirmishers hit on a 5-6. If they’re firing at other skirmishers they apply the -1 modifier to hit, so it’s a net 6 to hit skirmishers (however, I should add the note that cover modifiers do not apply: skirmishers are -1 to hit, regardless of cover). A successful hit on gunners inflicts a casualty (Battalion guns can take 2 hits and other artillery can take 3). A successful hit on skirmishers removes the skirmisher stand. A successful hit on formed troops inflicts a Stagger unless they are already staggered, in which case that becomes a casualty.

      Thanks again for taking the time to test the rules! 🙂

      • Maurizio says:

        Thanks for your explanation.
        My confusion arose from the fact that under “Small arms fire”
        – volley kills on 5-6
        – skirmishers kill on 6;
        This would have meant to me that skirmishers needed a 7 to kill other skirmisher with the -1 for firing at them.

        Also, 2 paragraphs below it was stated that “skirmishers need a 5-6 to score 1 kill when firing at skirmishers or gunners” which makes sense so that they need a 6 to hit another skirmisher as the – 1 is applied.

        Possibly the kill number on the small arms fire table should be changed to 5-6?

        Sorry for the trouble


        • jemima_fawr says:

          AHA! Yes, you’re right! That’s definitely a typo and it should be 5-6! I’d looked at the section below on skirmishers, where it shows it correctly and missed the main table!

          Thanks once again and I’ll post an update. I’ve got some minor changes to make on some of the other pages, so I may as well post them all at once.

          Thanks again for persisting! 🙂


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