The Battle of Murfreesboro at Warfare 2021: We Wuz Robbed!

This is just a quick post, as I’ve arrived home from Warfare just in time to head off again for three days for a funeral in Derbyshire! Thanks to Mark, Paddy, Dave, Mike, Richard L and Richard de F for their excellent company and gentlemanly conduct during the game (none of which was apparent during the game of ‘Coup’ in the pub on the Saturday night)!

Thanks also to all those who visited us over the weekend and especially those who came to say that they’re daft enough to follow this blog.Β  It was great to put faces (masked or otherwise) to names!

Thanks also to the Wargames Association of Reading for organising a fantastic show and a great return to post-pandemic wargaming.

Lastly, congratulations to the ex-Royal Marine gentleman (sorry I didn’t catch his name) who deservedly beat us into second place with his truly beautiful game!

There will be a full report next time, but here’s a taster:

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12 Responses to The Battle of Murfreesboro at Warfare 2021: We Wuz Robbed!

  1. Martin Radcliffe says:

    Sorry to hear you did’nt win- must have been a bloody good looking game to have beaten it! Followed this with interest as I’ve been “Westernizing” my ACW armies to do a series of Chickamauga based games.

  2. Steve J says:

    Congrats on 2nd place and I look forward to seeing who won 1st place. Your table looks great and I just wish I’d been able to get down to the show to see it in person.

  3. James Fisher says:

    Magnificent looking table (of course). You have really whet the appetite for the full report.
    Regards, James

  4. Kerry Thomas says:

    That looks great Mark, well done

  5. Stephen Brittain says:

    Really great looking game and enjoyed chatting with you. We’ll done on your award.

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