Demo Game Progress… The Battle of Murfreesboro at Warfare 2021 (Part 4.1)

Just after I’d posted Part 4 in this series, the sun came out and the lawn dried off, so I took the opportunity to lay all the boards out (something I lack the space to do in the house) and take some more photos.  So here’s a better look at the boards.  Seeing it all laid out actually enabled me to spot a couple of mistakes where wood-edges didn’t match up across board-edges and even a whole missing piece of woodland, so those have since been corrected.

Also an apology: I’ve mentioned a few times that the Fire & Fury scenario for the Battle of Murfreesboro  was written by Rich Hasenauer, the author of Fire & Fury rules.  However, the scenario, as published in the Great Western Battles 2nd Edition scenario book, was actually written by Troy Turner.  Sorry Troy and thanks for writing a superb scenario.

Above:  The view from the south, looking north (the same orientation as the scenario map).  As mentioned last time, the bare earth looks much paler in photographs than it does in reality.

Above:  The view from the east, behind Confederate lines, looking west.

Above:  The view from the north, looking south across the railway.

Above:  The view from the west, behind Union lines, looking east.

Above:  The view along the railway line.  Unfortunately, a short section in the middle is slightly wonky, but isn’t that obvious unless you look along the line from this angle.  It’s also in the middle of the ‘Round Forest’, so should be hidden by trees when the game is set up.

Above:  The ‘Slaughter Pen’.  I noticed that I’d actually missed a strip of woodland along the road beyond the rocks, so that’s now been added.

Above  The overhead view.

Right, back to the flocking…

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5 Responses to Demo Game Progress… The Battle of Murfreesboro at Warfare 2021 (Part 4.1)

  1. David Weale says:

    The word impressive falls short. Cannot wait to see it in the flesh as it were at the show.

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