Cold War Polish ATGM Teams

Of all the articles on this blog, my article on the mechanised infantry of the Polish People’s Army of the Cold War has the most hits by quite a wide margin (closely followed by my series on the Cold War Cloggies).  I’m not sure why this should be, but I think it’s probably because there is precious little else available online when it comes to wargaming the ‘Roads Less Travelled’ armies of any particular period.

I’ve always liked to research collect slightly ‘off the wall’ armies and to dig out the detail of what makes them different.  If it interests me, it’ll probably interest others, which is the whole point of this blog, I suppose…  It also leads people who know what they’re talking about to correct my nonsense! 🙂

Another part of the research/collecting side is finding the right models for the job (or at least the ‘near enough’ models).  For many years I’ve had armies of tanks with no infantry, or of infantry and APCs with no tanks, etc, etc, but at long last the gaps are starting to be filled.  One such gap has been filled by the latest pack of 15mm Cold War Polish Infantry by Oddzial Osmy (marketed by Magister Militum); namely their pack of AT-4 SPIGOT (9K111 Fagot in Soviet-speak) anti-tank guided missile teams.

There are two teams per pack: four crew figures and two launchers and they are sculpted and cast to the same exceptionally high standard as the rest of this superb little range of models.  As mentioned before, they use a very lightweight, hard metal (zinc?) alloy that is damn-near impossible to cut or trim with normal modelling tools, but there is thankfully no flash and no mould-slip to removed; just a few small air-vent runners that easily snap off.As can be seen, these are excellent models and fit in extremely well with Team Yankee models, both in terms of size and style.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  We’ve just gone on lock-down here in the UK, so there won’t be any wargaming here for a while, but I’ve still got stacks of archived stuff to post, as well as a load of Cold War, Napoleonic, Seven Years War, Samurai, AWI, ACW and WW2 still to photograph, so lots more soon.


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