American War of Independence Action

As previously mentioned, in 2005 we suddenly decided to do ‘something in 28mm’.  By fate, a couple of random packs of Foundry AWI figures fell into my possession and my mate Eclaireur released his excellent British Grenadier! rules for the period.  To cap it all, the Perry Brothers chose this moment to release the first few packs of their superb AWI range, so that was settled…

Six months later in January 2006 we decided to stick everything we’d painted on to table for a random club-night game at WASP in Pembroke Dock.  I’d forgotten about this game until I found the photos today.  The scenario was unhistorical, but was loosely based on Cornwallis’ flank attack at the Battle of the Brandywine, which we later played as a proper historical scenario.

Above: The British Army advances onto the field.  It must perform a river-crossing under artillery fire, before deploying to assault the main Rebel position.  The British generals are by Foundry, with staff officers by Perry.

Above: A battalion of the Hessian Grenadier Brigade approaches the ford.  Perry Miniatures from my collection.

Above: The British 1st Grenadier Battalion (Foundry) and the 17th Light Dragoons (Perry) have crossed the river and deploy into line.  The Grenadiers open their files in order to reduce the effects of enemy fire.  All from my collection.

Above: Hessian Jaegers run forward in skirmish order to oppose the Rebel skirmishers.  Perry Miniatures from my collection.

Above: The Hessian Jaegers and Rebel Militia start to take long-range pot-shots at each other across the fence-line.

Above: On the far flank, the British Guards Brigade and the 23rd Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers), resplendent in their Prince of Wales’ Feathers, engage the Rebel skirmish-line.  The British are from my collection and the Rebels are from Jase’s – all Perry Miniatures.

Above: The Rebel army waits to receive the hated oppressor.  The infantry at this end of the line are by Perry, while the general, the Militia skirmishers and the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons are by Foundry.  All from my collection.

Above: A pair of Rebel regiments wait in reserve.  These are Foundry figures and I seem to remember that these were among the first I painted.

Above: The main Rebel line.  In the foreground the German Continental Regiment (Perry) guards the flank of an artillery battery (Foundry, as is the general) and beyond them another brigade of Continentals (Foundry, from Jase’s collection) supports a thick line of skirmishers (Perry, also Jase’s).

Above: The right flank of the main Rebel line.  Two regiments of Continentals (Perry) flank a battery of artillery (Foundry).  In the distance a British brigade has pushed back the Rebel skirmishers and has crossed the fence to close with the Rebel line.

Above: Another view of Jase’s troops on the Rebel left (mostly Foundry).

Above: As British artillery deploys in support and a huge column of British infantry follows up, the Hessian Grenadiers cross the river and deploy into line.  All from my collection – the Hessians are Perry Miniatures and the rest are Foundry.  The Hessian general is a SYW Prussian figure by Front Rank.

Above: As the Hessians complete their deployment into line, the British 1st Light Battalion (Foundry), with a company of the green-coated Queen’s Rangers in support (Perry), moves forward in open order.

Above: On the British right flank, the Guards get stuck into the Rebels!

Above: Sadly the last picture.  As the British line infantry starts to form a second line at the ford, the Elite Corps storms the fence-line.  The Hessian Jaegers have charged the Rebel Militia skirmishers, while in the foreground the 17th Light Dragoons move forward to charge the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons.  The British Grenadiers and Light Infantry meanwhile, have closed ranks before initiating their own charge, in concert with a battalion of Hessians on their right.


Most of the terrain was scratch-built by the supremely talented Martin Small.

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