Happy Birthday Jemima Fawr!

It’s party-time here at Fawr Towers, as this blog is one year-old today! 🙂

During the past year, this blog has received over 20,000 hits from sufferers of insomnia seeking a cure for their affliction; no doubt with a very high success rate!  OK, we haven’t exactly gone ‘viral’ and probably not even ‘bacterial’, but I do take great satisfaction in knowing that this blog has at least gone ‘fungal’.

There’s still a lot more to write about and now that the weather is improving (the Welsh rain is now precipitating vertically instead of horizontally), I can finally go outside and photograph all the models I painted during the winter.  There are also tons of ‘blasts from the past’ in terms of game reports, scenarios and other odds and sods, so watch this space!

At the moment I’m painting lots of 15mm Cold War Canadians, Soviets and Americans for a forthcoming show demo-game based on the Cold War classic ‘First Clash’, some 1/100th South African aircraft for another show demo-game recreating the controversial Cassinga Raid in Angola, circa 1978 and a section of 28mm ‘Old Girls’ for the Slebech Castle Ladies’ College Cadet Corps, who will shortly be marching to Newark for our big ‘Very British Civil War 1938′ game at Partizan 2019.

I’m also really enjoying the 10mm American Civil War project that I started last June – going with 10mm really paid off, as I was quickly able to get some large armies on the table and refight some historical battles in a very short time-frame.  Fire & Fury 2nd Edition is also a really great set of rules and even though I keep getting my arse handed to me, I’m really enjoying the games.

So thanks to all of you who are daft enough to follow my wargame-witterings and apologies to all those who went on to the web to research Wales’ greatest heroine, only then to end up falling down this rabbit-hole of idiocy…


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  1. Happy First Birthday! Roll on the next year. Been some good reports.

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