A Very British Civil War in Pembrokeshire: Armoured Reinforcements

Well I’m back from Partizan, having had a blast playing Pete Barfield’s wonderful VBCW game and seeing an array of incredible games.  The Partizan report will follow, but here are some AFVs I painted last week, after finishing off the reinforcements for the Slebech Castle Cadet Corps:

First we have a pair of Carden-Loyd Tankettes in the Vickers MMG Carrier role.  These will go to the Machine Gun Platoon of the 2nd King’s Shropshire Light Infantry (2 KSLI), who are the Regular Army core of the Royalist Pembrokeshire Division.  2 KSLI had been the Pembroke Dock Garrison Battalion at the start of the unpleasantness.

Models by Warlord Games.  The background farm is by EM4 Miniatures.

Second we have a pair of AFVs belonging to the Army of the Bishopric of St David’s: a Renault R35 Infantry Tank and a Carden-Loyd Tankette mounting an FRC 47mm anti-tank gun.

The R35 was thickly-armoured compared to other tanks of the day, though was painfully slow and inadequately armed.  The Carden-Loyd tank destroyer concept meanwhile, was developed by the Belgian Army, though was found to be hopelessly inadequate due to the lack of crew and ammunition-carrying capacity, not to mention the catastrophic effect of the gun’s recoil on the tiny vehicle’s suspension!  The gunshield also obscures the driver’s vision, so needs to be raised and employed as a ‘roof’ when driving.  Nevertheless, despite their inadequacies, these vehicles are a welcome addition to the Bishop’s long-suffering armoured corps.

Models again by Warlord games.

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2 Responses to A Very British Civil War in Pembrokeshire: Armoured Reinforcements

  1. ed parody says:

    Where ever did you find the Carden-Loyd with the gun shield and gun?? Did you scratch build it?

    • jemima_fawr says:

      No, it’s a commercially-available model by Warlord. It’s in their WW2 Belgian range. Warlord periodically e-mail out £10 vouchers, so every time they do, I buy a Carden-Loyd variant, as it’s about the cheapest thing they do that you can spend the voucher on! 🙂

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