Happy 2nd Birthday Jemima Fawr!

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  Where does the time go when you’re having… OK, a mildly acceptable time…?

This time a year ago we’d had just over 20,000 hits on the blog after the first year and now we have had nearly 60,000!  So our hits have almost doubled in the last year!  🙂 OK, a considerable amount of that is probably me clicking from the work computer in a vain attempt to improve my stats and make it look like I have followers, but it is truly wonderful to see that long-term sufferers of insomnia have really got behind this site to cure their affliction.

We’re probably still not enough to count as ‘Viral’, but who wants one of those nowadays…?  Last year we were probably popular enough to class as ‘Fungal’, but now I’m confident that we’re firmly established as a ‘Persistent Yeast Infection’.

I’m also extremely proud of all the e-mails and messages I’ve received to say that this site is being blocked by their work computer or by their child-access settings on their home computer.  I think you’ll agree that this is quite an achievement for a website about toy soldiers.

So for those who haven’t been keeping up, my main ‘thing’ in the last year has been my demo game of the Cassinga Raid (Angola 1976), which won Best of Show at ‘Warfare 2019’ in Reading (definitely the world’s greatest wargames show and I won’t hear another word).  I also took it to ‘Crusade 2020’ in Penarth this year, but ‘Partizan 2020’ has sadly been cancelled for obvious reasons, so perhaps next year…

I’ve also managed to do some American Civil War, Napoleonic, World War Two, Very British Civil War, X-Wing and other Cold War games, but nowhere near as many as I’d like.  Sadly, that’s the trouble with being a shift-worker…  The plus-side being that they let me paint in work, so don’t feel too sorry for me…

My main objective at the moment is to play a couple of epic Napoleonic games when we finally get out of isolation from the Flu-Manchu.  My new wargaming-buddy Rhys asked to play ‘something with Russians’, so I thought perhaps the epic multi-national cavalry clash at Liebertwolkwitz in 1813.  It’s a fun scenario that I’ve played before and it also gives me the spur to refresh my knackered old Napoleonic Russian collection with some new flags, new units and a lot of rebasing.  It also gives me the mojo to finish off my AB Figures Army of the Duchy of Warsaw and a corps of Austrians wearing shako.  Once those Austrians are done, I’ll have enough Whitecoats finished at long last to do Aspern-Essling. 🙂

If we’re spared… 🙁

As for the blog, despite my best efforts there are still stacks and stacks of models, collections and scenarios that have still got to see the light of day.  People also seem to like my half-arsed painting guides, so I’ll try to do more of those and make a bit more of an effort to get them accurate…

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there, people… People…?  Where did you go?  Oi!  Wake up at the back!

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15 Responses to Happy 2nd Birthday Jemima Fawr!

  1. Douglas Smith says:

    Well done. Looking foward to seeing those games.

    Cheers. Doug

  2. David Weale says:

    “Persistent yeast infection” made me chuckle at 02:36 hrs, I assume I qualify for insomniac award.
    The blog is a massive achievement, of which you should be justly proud.

  3. Martin Radcliffe says:

    Happy 2nd. birthday to the best wargaming blog there is! Something of a latecomer but better late than never- probably. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into it.

    • jemima_fawr says:

      Cheers Martin! You’re a fine chap and I don’t care what the others say about you. I never believed it anyway. 😉

  4. Benjamin Waterhouse says:

    One of the best war gaming blogs old chap! More power to your elbow for the next year.

  5. Rhys says:

    I keenly look forward to Liebertwolkwitz, 1813. On the bright side I’ll have time to paint the AB figures I did get and think of collecting more (perhaps from a sprinkling of different manufacturers).

    Best, Rhys

    • jemima_fawr says:

      Look, I don’t have to put up with that sort of dirty talk, you know!

      There can be only one!

      Unless they don’t make what I’m looking for, in which case I might sully myself elsewhere… More often that not with Tony Barton Battle Honours sculpts… 😉

      Anyway, yes, Liebertwolkwitz should be good. The Polish VIII Corps and IV Cavalry Corps are all done now and I’m making a start on the Russians. I’m trying to get the whole orbat done in ABs before the game, so that my other rubbish doesn’t soil the table with their onerous presence (the Old Glory stuff isn’t too bad, but there are some awful models by unknown manufacturers in my Russian Army). The Cossacks are done, so now I need to do two Hussar regiments, two Cuirassier regiments, an Uhlan regiment, a load of artillery and perhaps some Infantry, Jager and Grenadier regiments… Depending on the length of the lock-down!

  6. Paul says:

    Belated happy birthday wishes. A great blog.

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